2010 –

Energia della Bellezza, Humanitas Gavazzeni, Bergamo

Permanent installation for the Radiotherapy Department


The unexpected, the extra-ordinary, manifests itself in the sky like a flash in the night that illuminates and reveals everything.
Inspiration becomes intuition, improvisation that transcends. Now Chaos is ordered, signs are finally drawn.
The linear accelerator is there, in the deep heart of Radiotherapy, as funny as certain infinitely complex machines appear to the trusting gamble of those who are on familiar terms with it.
It comes towards you by degrees, angles, widths and inclinations. It extends an helping hand, but remains unfathomable in its entirety, a technology that envelops everything and it reveals little. It is necessary to know how to entrust oneself to an embrace like that, believing in the promise that the energy of the invisible can heal, create and save.
Once you take the path of trust, hope lights up, illuminating what was there before but you didn't see, what called out before but you didn't hear.
Now everything shines, the drawing comes to life, mis-take is reborn, the man heals.