2015 –

The Fairy Queen, Contemporary Locus 8 , Bergamo.

Site specific in the Monastery of Sant'Agata of the Carmine Church


The first room takes your breath away. It goes back to 1992, it reminds the Sarajevo library after the bombs, in a long/short time ago.
Three international artists exhibit with us: Berlinde de Bruyckere, Étienne Chambaud, Evgeny Antufiev.
The second room is entirely dedicated to the Atelier. On the back wall, what remains of a fresco in a lunetta that no longer exists. A Christ bent under the weight of the Cross, even more burdened by the visual crushing of the early 20th-century brutalist concrete ceiling.
In the meantime, in the studio, between one drawing and the other, Laura kneels on a ground like an ice-white surface and, in order to admire her, we are crushed to the ground. From above, Laura towers over us, prays and slowly, with gestures that are only her own, recreates our world.
When she rises up on her knees, she is already out of the picture, far beyond it.