2015 –

l Verme dell'Indo dalle gocce sanguinanti (The Indus Worm with Bleeding Drops), KulturFormen Galerie, Linz (A)

Site-specific installation curated by Institut Hartheim

Indus Worm with bleeding drops lives in Indus close to the Indus river and is carnivorous.
His favourite food is Australopithecus because that meat is rignt for him, he just opens his beak and bites and shouts loudly: AAAAAAAAAAH.
He eats the body and hair and leaves the skeleton, opens his beack, pulls out the fire and burns him.
Indus Worm's bleeding drops come out from his body because he sweats, but they turn into gold because they begin to light up so that his whole body shines inside.
He has many eyes to see everything. He has an open beack to scream with when he see his prays.
The blue ones are veins, and they are used to allow preys to pass inside.