2014 –

È un evaso della prigione della nostra immaginazione (An Escapee from the Prison of our Imagination), Marsèlleria, Milan

Installation in the Marsélleria Permanent Exhibition showroom


Since 2002 we have been drawing only animals in our Atelier. Creatures that slowly surface in the long afternoons of the Atelier, from submerged worlds, unseen universes buried under a leathery stratification of defeats. Recently, some of the most bizarre animals from Ermanno Cavazzoni's Guide to Fantastic Animals came to visit us in the Atelier, and through the deforming lens of AdE, as if by magic, they were transformed into: The Catoblepa Occhi Lucidi, The Remora Baianfantiticole, The Pirotoco che Guarda le Femmine, The Catoblepa con le Mille Lacrime, The Pirotoco del Ferro or The Pirus Infiamatico. They are The Escapees from the Prison of our Imagination, as one of our youngsters put it. From 4 February, they will be on display in the elegant spaces of the Marsèlleria.