2024 –

Die Goldkammer, Palazzo Nūnez-Torlonia, Roma

Site specific project dedicated to Palazzo Nūnez-Torlonia


After one year of  production and installation, AdE is proud to announce that Die Goldkammer [The Golden Room] (2023) is finally completed.
Our largest project to date, Die Goldkammer is a site-specific work composed of a 22-meter long, multi-paneled frieze, commissioned by Princess Olimpia Torlonia as a permanent installation in Palazzo Torlonia (Rome). The frieze, installed at roughly 3.5 meters from the ground, presents a cycle of monumental drawings in gold leaf, pencil, black marker and acrylic, prepared directly on plaster panel. 

About Die Goldkammer:
The north side of the Palazzo Torlonia facing via Condotti was destroyed by a fire in 1991. Upon her first visit to the AdE studio, Princess Olimpia Torlonia recounted finding small gold spheres among the ashes - the melted residue of the 17th century gilt ceiling decorations. The dramatic beauty of this anecdote inspired AdE to explore the technique of gold leaf in order to imagine a perennial rebirth from that which the course of time destroys. Using a painstaking technique, reminiscent of that of ancient miniaturists, AdE creates a kind of contemporary miniature with monumental dimensions, populated by AdE’s prototypical, hybrid animals.