2024 –

Die Werkstatt, Richard Saltoun Gallery, Rome

Solo exhibition in Rome, curated by Eva Brioschi


“A little light, like a rushlight, to lead back to splendour.”

—E. Pound, Canto CXVI

On January 18, 2024, at the Italian headquarters of the Richard Saltoun Gallery, we inaugurated our first exhibition in Rome: Die Werkstatt [The workshop], curated by Eva Brioschi.

The exhibition presents a corpus of drawings and studies connected to Die Goldkammer,  a monumental  frieze cycle of gold leaf drawings created on plaster panels, located inside Palazzo Nuñez Torlonia, a few steps from the gallery.

The exhibition was conceived as a journey from inside to outside, from micro to macro, from gallery to palace. A hallway within the exhibition space hosts seven Piccole Cellule Madri (Small Mother Cells), the origin and starting point of an organic structure. Proceeding backwards towards the entrance of the gallery, the figures enlarge, the animals evolve and the surfaces are enriched, becoming increasingly more articulated.

On the occasion of the exhibition - on view until 9 March - a leporello was also created, a publication format chosen by the curator to visually represent the leitmotif underlying the exhibition project, a score of counterpoints between micro and macro, part and whole, inside and outside.