2014 –

Mosche timide che non trovano le parole (Shy flies that can't find the words) , Museo Scienze Naturali E.Caffi, Bergamo

Collaboration with 6 artists and a poetess for a temporary installation in 6 rooms of the Museum


Ajoub in the Atelier had long confided us his desperate need to find a girlfriend, to experiment with his convinced and innate, according to him, aptitude for falling in love.
But, he said, every time I introduce myself to a girl, I become like a shy fly who can't find the words.
We dedicated a collaboration with six professional artists and a poetess, to the perfection of this image, which perfectly portrays the situation of so many AdE youngsters.
Each of the guests (Maria Luisa Agostinelli, Giulio Albrigoni, Emma Ciceri, Giovanni De Francesco, Giovanni De Lazzari, Francesco Parimbelli, Alessandro Verdi) conceived their own intervention in relation to the place but above all to the specific works by the AdE youngsters chosen for the occasion. The exhibition catalogue is a kind of The book of friends, snapshots in no particular order of this surprising experimentation.