2012 –

La Cervia Eustachea, Chuch of San Stae , Venice

Site-specific installation for the Festival dei Matti


Kids in the Atelier say that the AdE animals, slowly emerge from the white paper, mark after mark, afternoon after afternoon. Beasts a bit like that, nobody knows where they come from. But it is certain that us, so called normaloids by the AdE kids, do not remember creatures like those.
Kids in the Atelier say that those beasts are the ones who didn't listen to Noah, and didn't want to get on that Ark, that came up in the middle of the desert, or those who were late, as always, like at school.
Then came all the water for forty days and forty nights, and they became all dead, all extinct.
Sometimes even beasts that have never set foot on earth appear, like the Cervie.
Beasts that are still slowly marching, in long lines, in the skies, from the skies, to get down here.
Kids in the Atelier say, it will take time, a long time, if we will still be here.