2012 –

Cervus Cervia Cervie, Museo Scienze Naturali, Bergamo

Installation in the Hall of the Cervus Acoronatus


Ours could be defined a Paleontology of the imagination excavated with bare hands: heart and colour, tenacity and passion, crayons and markers.
From excavations like this come, insolent and impertinent, irreverent and arrogant, the Cervie that you will find on display at the Natural Sciences Museum in Bergamo, in the royal room of the Cervus Acoronatus, that was the splendid emperor of the Orobic woods buried in the sediment of the bottom of a lake 700,000 years ago. A lake that over time became plain among fir woods. Anna, the director of the Museum's Palaeontology Institute, on the day of our project presentation at the Cervia Radio3 Festival was listening to us without knowing anything about our workshop. She was struck by the voices of the children who breathe life into their Cervie exhibited at the Magazzini del Sale, couldn't help but think of her jewel, kept in an elegant crystal case in the heart of the Museum. We immediately got on well with Anna, and she gave us carte blanche, in the respect of the place and its sacredness. And so here we are very proud to offer ourselves to the museum public and to all those who still know how to see where everyone looks but only few see.