2014 –

Il Rinoceronte Inbirinto, Euward 6, Munich (D)

Overall winners and exhibition at the Buchheim Museum


AdE is allergic to competitions. What convinced us to enter the competition it's the fact that it was a four-yearly one and that the Final Jury was always chaired by a world-renowned contemporary artist: Marlene Dumas four years ago and Arnulf Rainer today. 370 artists registered, 20 selected for the final exhibition, only two Italians, both from Atelier dell'Errore: Giulia and Giorgia. At this point: trip to Munich with the Ade kids!
During the ceremony, the announcement: Giulia Zini, an old master of the AdE, won the first place. The most difficult part was to make the jury understand that every work created in the Atelier is always a collective work. Giulia Zini is not Giulia Zini if she does not have her workmates beside her. The physical and empathic closeness with which our young people have grown up means that the AdE has long since been transformed into a single, complex organism in which many limbs are a single body and each one becomes unique and irreplaceable.